Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 Things I'm Excited About Christmas


I'm counting! I'm counting down for the remaining days when my family can be together again even just for a day--oh, well, for a night to be exact.

1. Family
It's not just the gifts that I always look forward about Christmas but it's the thought that my family and relatives will be reunited. No matter how far is the distance that my Uncle Rob and his family has to travel, they always appear during the Christmas eve. I would excitedly go to the Christmas tree and we'd open our presents. It's such an exciting time for me to see all my loved ones.

2. Food
Mom is a great cook! But she cooks even better during Christmas. I don't know if Santa managed to help her aside from wrapping our gifts but mom really becomes a better cook during this time of the year. She prepares several desserts, cookies and many other dishes that will literally make your mouth watery in delight!

3. Gifts
Just like any other kids my age, we all love presents! Well that's probably why most concluded that Christmas is mainly just for kids because we get the most presents. Last Christmas, my dad gave me a wonderful necklace with a breathtaking pendant! Guess what? It's a heart! Since I don't have the money yet to give him expensive presents, probably I'll just bake him some special cookies. (Don't tell him, ok? It's a surprise!) So, what do you think?

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