Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Learning Wisdom in Life

Everyday of our lives we get to learn lessons from the experiences and challenges we encounter. No matter how difficult the trials that we have to go through, we can still stand up and say, "I can do this!"

It's funny how we can still utter those words but with the hope that we have in the gospel, we can't help but be motivated and inspired with the great example that the Savior Jesus Christ showed us all. Just like everyone else, he suffered, bled and died but he didn't complain to His Heavenly Father. Sometimes such very thought makes me ashame as my burdens are nothing compared to His but I often find a way to blame others or sometimes, even God. When I think of the many hardships that Jesus has to go through during His mortal ministry here on Earth, I couldn't help but weep and be proud of his great His wisdom and love for us.

I have many shortcomings and insecurities in life, but the assurance that God loves me despite all of my frailties give me hope and the courage to keep on keeping on. I've also learned from this wonderful short poems and stories. They sure are inspiring and reassuring.

I've learned that God is always there in every step of the way. Sometimes we may be lost due to many temptations and roadblocks in life but He's always there, patiently waiting for us.

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